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Recently more and more major news outlets have highlighted the boom in the "Green" economy including carbon trading.

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Carbon Trading, Turn the Green Economy into Profits!

Carbon Trading around the globe, thousands of entrepreneurs are actively building fortunes, successful businesses and important international connections by transforming green trading into profits. Any growing market provides an opportunity to build wealth, and there's no better time to build a carbon trading business than today. By combining the social benefits of green activism with the pure capitalism of building on opportunities in emerging markets, you can join the green economy as a leader today.

With each new successful entrepreneur that is minted by carbon trading and green consulting, leading economic experts and trade publications are rising to take notice. While we can share hundreds of stories about individual traders who have built their fortunes in carbon trading, we back up these claims with insights from leading financial publications:

The New York Times

NYT Carbon Trading

The perennial New York Times, which has been covering global finance from Wall Street to China, is now focusing its coverage on the emerging carbon market. While traditional equities trading is going through a transition period and many investors are skeptical, the global carbon market is expected to become a "$5 trillion (market) within a decade" making it one of the "fastest growing specialties in financial services". Unlike certain markets, such as Mortgage Derivatives, which tend to rise and fall, the publication predicts "carbon will be the world's biggest commodity market." That's right: carbon will become more widely traded than oil, gold and an agricultural product over the next decade and that means more opportunity for you!

Off of Canary Wharf, the epicenter of London finance, major global banks are reconfiguring their operations around emerging markets. Alongside specialty offices for international trade, Carbon traders are beginning to build emerging trading operations which will extend well into the next decade. The question is: will you be a part of the fastest growing market in history or will you watch from the sidelines?

Green Chip Stocks

Green Chip Carbon Trading

Move over Blue, Green Chip stocks are the new hot commodity in town. Newsletter editor Jeff Siegel told CNBC on Green Week that "the carbon trading market is set to skyrocket to over $1 trillion as the price of carbon becomes more and more valuable." You can sit back and enjoy sub-par returns on basic savings accounts, along with the risks that having a traditional job and 401K portfolio or you can cash in on the growth of green finance.

For each new regulatory move toward green energy, traders will be able to profit from the growing level of greenhouse credit markets. Nick Hodge of Green Chip stocks cites statistics showing "the volume of carbon traded grew to 2.7 billion metric tons, a 64% increase over the year before." This trend shows no signs of slowing down as global governments move to regulate carbon emissions, even in the world's fastest growing economies such as China and India. You can sit tight with your blue chip portfolio, slowly following each quarterly trend or you can take control of your portfolio by becoming an active green trader.

Global Markets for Green Trading are Heating Up

US Carbon Trading

The global green energy market is driven by a national desire for growth, in addition to opportunities for private industry. While traders in traditional financial markets encounter strict regulations, the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) is actively working to open up regulations to expand the US-based market to over $2 billion by 2013. The Obama Administration has made carbon trading a core part of its environmental strategy, which means the time to get into green trading is now.

International Emmissions Trading Association

International Carbon Markets

Market opportunities extend well beyond the United States, as the International Emissions Trading Association saw 56% growth last year in its Greenhouse Gas Market report. Governments in the European Union are actively developing new carbon trading programs for major economies in the UK, Germany and France, providing further opportunity for global traders.

The World Bank has estimated that has opened up a dedicated Carbon Finance research arm to help fund international green energy projects. Many of these companies actively hire global energy consultants – with the right expertise, that could mean you! Actively working with OECD and emerging nations, the World Bank has pursued an active carbon finance trading unit to benefit from the growth of global markets. Some of the world's brightest minds are working to develop carbon markets, providing more volume and opportunity for profitably trading strategies.

Carbon Brokering System

See How Carbon Trading Resources Can Help You!

Building Your Carbon Trading Strategy

Don't enter this emerging market on your own – Carbon Trading Resources can provide an important, complete guide to helping you develop a profitable carbon trading business. Containing easy to follow, clear information with hundreds of pages, you'll get the inside track to building your fortune in green markets. There are so many opportunities in trading, consulting and development that you can use the guide as your personal blueprint to navigating growth opportunities in carbon industries. Get started today, and shift your career into high gear in global green trading.

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